Kia ora,

My name is Elizabeth. My career is literally a series of disasters be it floods, tsunamis or earthquakes! This has really got me thinking as a mum, a humanitarian and a global citizen.

This website is where I note my ‘disastrous thoughts’. I figure we need to collectively get our groove on and sort out the big ticket items – poverty, climate change, disaster recovery, risk reduction, conflict, environmental degradation, corruption oh, boy does the list go on……..

The good news is these ‘big ticket items’ are all human constructs – this means that we can change them. If you are interested in collective leadership, building ‘coalitions of awesomeness’, co-creation and innovation to change our world then grab a cup of coffee and come contemplate with me.

This site gets a bit of traffic so please leave a footprint – a comment, thought or idea as this will encourage me to think more deeply and may spark discussion with those who visit.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. I especially liked to see the optimism and vision here, a true entrepreneur spirit. Coalitions of awesomeness, yes! Collaboration collaboration collaboration.

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