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First-time Parenthood?

Guest Blog by Jolie Wills Okay, this may sound a little odd, but it strikes me that working in recovery is a lot like first-time parenthood. How so? When you embark on the journey you know it will be one of the most meaningful and valuable roles you will play, but also one of the … Continue reading

Neurons of the Heart – the Art of Being Connected

A neuron is an excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals.  These signals between neurons occur via synapses, specialized connections with other cells. I heard the other day that there are 40,000 neurons in your heart and 100 million neurons in your gut [almost the size of a cat’s brain … Continue reading

Cosmic Engineering

To be honest my former self would have thought that an ‘inspiring engineer’ was an oxymoron. It would seem that the universe has intervened on the behalf of the engineering profession to set me straight. You could call it a feat of ‘cosmic engineering’. Whether sitting on a bus winding around rural Taiwan or random … Continue reading


Measurement is the assignment of numbers to objects or events and it is a global obsession. I see people with little dinky things that measure how many steps they take and websites where the whole world can give a random person a ‘hot or not’ score out of 10! We have never been able to … Continue reading

Leadership, wisdom and the post-disaster recovery process

And it is done. After much toil please find the link to my Winston Churchill Report – Leadership, wisdom and the post-disaster recovery process. Elizabeth McNaughton Winston Churchill Report 2013 Final This Winston Churchill fellowship focuses on post-disaster recovery leadership. The purpose of this study is to seek the wisdom of recovery leaders, in the US, … Continue reading

Short on ears and long on mouth?

We all know the feeling – your stomach drops, a deep and anxious feeling rises, you feel hot – it is the realisation that you have you screwed up – royally! I asked recovery leaders, what is the most common mistake that leaders make in post-disaster recovery? The essence of the responses was that most … Continue reading

Australia is on Fire!

I am in rural Victoria in a heat wave. It is 10pm and a bead of sweat is slowly trickling down my neck. As the news pours out about 140 uncontrolled fires across New South Wales, parts of Victoria and 100 people unacounted for in Tasmania, I stay up flicking the channels. Conditions are not good for tomorrow – 40 … Continue reading